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Thread: Finishing help

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    Finishing help

    I have about 10 of these doors in different sizes & 3 drawer fronts to try to improve the looks of, the cabinets are in the rec center kitchen of 1 of the apartment complexes we manage. I really don't want to completely refinish them (time is short) but would like to clean them up & perk them up a bit. I have rubbed this one down with scotch brite which clean it up quite a bit but there were some areas that due to moisture the finish was thin.

    These cabinets are 27 years old. But in reasonable shape.

    So any suggestions???

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    Bart, I bought some Formby's Build Up Remover, and it worked really well on an old music box that my Dad had given me. It dissolved the old dust, dirt, and oxidation residue very well. It did not remove any of the finish. Since your doors were in the kitchen, there may be a lot of grease/smoke residue on them, and this stuff should work fine. In any case, it wasn't real expensive and it is available at Lowe's in the same area as the Formby's finishing products (near the shellac in our store).
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    Bart: I have used Briwax in it's many colors for a quick help. If something is wrong clear will remove color and permit you another try. Harry

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