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Thread: Performax Shop Pro 25

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    Performax Shop Pro 25

    Local Woodcraft is seeling one of these slightly used (20 hours)for $1,800.... it's fully set-up - which I HATE to do, with casters and an assortment of paper. Any thoughts on the sander itself or whether this is a good deal ($2,200 new + accessories). Thanks.... Dave.

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    Hi Dave

    I can't speak to this specific sander, but I bought my Performax 16-32 from Woodcraft under the same conditions about six or seven years ago. It was just before they switched the motor to continuous duty. I called Performax and asked about that, and the person there told me with the noncontinuous duty motor, I would want to limit my sanding to less than an hour at a time. My repsonse was that I hoped never to have to stand in front of ANY machine for an hour without a break.

    I used it very heavily for about three years when I was doing production pen boxes, and less heavily now, but it has never required any adjustment or repair. I have also sanded wide boards up to about 30" or so with very good results.


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    I have the 16-32 with the newer motor over an 1 hour sanding- no problem this is a great machine paid 799.00 new, so you figure is the bigger machine worth it to you? Performax puts out great products. IMHO One nice thing about the 25" is one pass on most doors / cabinet ends. -Jerry

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    I own a 16-32 and have had the chance, in a class, to use the larger machine. Both perform as advertised and I'm very satisfied with the 16-32. In the classroom situation, I did notice that burning on the paper was something that had to be watched for closely. Different projects and different users with various thicknesses of wood were the main culprits. Still, with consideration of the position of the burned spots, the sanding went fine. The wider width allowed several pieces side-by-side and speeded the process up considerably.
    Chris in KC

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    I got a used 16/32 Plus a couple years ago. Mine has the Leeson motor, which I think is the old model. I wonder if it's the drum motor or the belt motor that causes the 'hour' caution...I'd think it would be the teensy belt motor, which is hot to the touch in about 90 seconds on mine. That said, a buddy left my belt motor on for a COUPLE DAYS awhile back. I kept hearing this noise....

    Still works.

    And I know I've run the drum for over an hour many times.


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    Thanks guys

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    I can't speak to the shop pro 25, but I have a 22-44 which I like a lot except for 2 things. The machine is a bear to set up. When you think you have it right, you probably don't. It took 3 or 4 attempts before I got both ends of the drum equidistant from the conveyor, and it's still not perfect. The only other issue is that the conveyor is driven by a motor on one side. This puts uneven tension on the belt across its width and makes it difficult to set the tracking. When I got it tracking properly, the tension difference across the belt was so much that it's tight at the right side, but rather wrinkled at the left. Other people have told me the same thing.


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