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Thread: Width for each person around a table?

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    Width for each person around a table?

    I'm starting a round dining room table and wondered if there is a suggested amount of table space for each person? It seems to me that somewhere between 20"-26" would be the range but I thought some of you may have some tried and true suggestions. Thanks.

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    24" is my usual starting point. That's enough that elbows don't collide.

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    I was recently looking for this also. From what I found, seemed like most agreed that between 24"-30" was standard. More is better if you can swing it.

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    This is one of my favorite cheat sheets for that sort of thing:

    Hope it helps.

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    I'm with Jamie in considering 24" the minimum for a straight table; you can go slightly tighter on a round table because each person's "space" increases the further you move away from the table, rather like a slice of pie.

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    "Practical Design Solutions and Strategies" published by Fine Wood Working recommends 30"/person for round tables.

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    Consider adding another 18-20" to the overall length to allow for the seats at the end of the table. Suppose you want 8 chairs around the table. At 6' length you might think three on each side and one at each end; however place settings at the end will conflict somewhat with place settings on the sides of the table. If you have a 54" wide table, it isn't as bad, but if you have something in the 38"-44" width you need the extra length to allow for spacing.

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