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Thread: Home built table saw

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    Home built table saw

    I was just browsing around and came across this video. Some crazy Scotsman showing off his homebuilt table saw.
    Duc in altum!

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    How about a 150 HP lathe? Those crazy Canadians!

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    The cut at the end was like watching a horror movie. I wanted to cover my eyes.

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    My favorite part was where he said he had about 200 pounds in it. Don't know what the current exchange rare is, but it adds up to somewhere around $350. Around here you can pick up decent table saws for that much, and they have little extras like fences and miter gages.

    Heck, I sold my dads Craftsman with improved motor, steel pulleys, and link belt for $200.


    Rick Potter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julie Mor View Post
    How about a 150 HP lathe? Those crazy Canadians!
    You should see how he cuts dovetail with a chainsaw:

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    Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
    I was waitin' for a HUGE kickback.
    On the other hand, I still have five fingers.

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    The crzy Scotsman has an English accent!

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    Huh, if I'm viewing this video correctly, he welded the blade to the shaft? Is that right?

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    That is one of the craziest DIY projects I have ever seen. I'll take the Caravan lathe over that table mounted amputator any day... It sure looked to me that the blade was welded to the shaft.

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    He welded what he called the "boss" onto the shaft. If you look close you can see the nut on the end of the shaft. And, that is a Scottish accent.

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    Many years ago, FWW featured a guy names Winchip, who built both a wooden jointer and wooden slider table saw. Only in the last seventy five years have factory made table saws become affordable for the average Joe.

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    So, he spent $350 to get all the functionality of a $120 skill saw without any of the safety or convenience! He's a genius. Real credit to woodworking. Does he make bandsaws too?

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    My hands hurt just watching that.

    Quick glance at Craigs list. See a 10" Unisaw w/mobile base - $650, 1 hour drive from here.
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    I can admire his ingenuity, but the last time I saw something like that was in a video from a third world country.
    For 200 pounds I think he could bought something better.

    Those guys with the minivan lathe are hysterical. A plow blade for a rest. Of course if his "2" gouge" catches, it's going to break his leg.
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