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Thread: Laguna Resaw King blade sale

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    Laguna Resaw King blade sale

    Laguna has a special on their resaw king bandsaw blades.
    Buy one and the second blade is 50% off.
    Anyone want to go in on this with me? We can split the savings.
    I need a 185 inch blade. The bigger the blade the bigger the savings.

    Send me a message

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    If I didn't have one already I would. The Resaw Kings are fantastic, Im happy I got one at full price. This weekend I cut up some tall thin alder planks with it that hardly needed sanding. Tonight I was splitting some firewood and got frustrated with a knotty, gnarly hunk of burl... I went in the shop and shoved it in the saw with the Resaw King... like cutting up a foam cooler. Awesome blades.

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    I have a committed agreement with a SMC member.

    This BBS is awesome

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