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    Wood Identification ...

    Since my co-workers have found out I turn wood, I am being gifted with odds and ends thay have lying around. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I graciously accept it, however sometimes I'm at a loss as to what it is. The person who gave me this piece said it was called "Narra", but I have never heard of it. It's pretty grained and easy to work. Does anyone have any info on this wood? Is it considered an "exotic" and where does it come from? Just curious. It made a nice small bowl ... 5 inches X 2 1/2 inches. Thanks
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    Thanks, Ron

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    Hi Ron,

    Here's a bit of what I found.....
    The narra timber is used for high class furniture and cabinets, decorative sliced veneer, interior wall paneling, feature flooring (including strip and parquet), musical instruments, gun stocks, rifle butts, turned articles, knife handles, boat building and specialised joinery (Eddowes 1977, 1995-1997)

    It originates from the Phillippines & is under severe cutting laws.
    It's very guarded by the gov.

    Do a google search under "narra,wood".
    There a tons of queries.


    Beautiful bowl.Someday I'll get to turn a bowl.
    NOTHING beats a failure,but a try.
    Have a Blessed Day,


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    Thanks John ...

    I'll keep my look out for some more if he has some. It does make a pretty bowl.
    Thanks, Ron

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