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Thread: Sign for a small farm

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    Sign for a small farm

    This sign is about 40" x 20", sandblasted Western Redcedar. I enjoy doing pictorials that have stuff silhouetted in front of a sunset, but rarely get the opportunity.... most want something more detailed.
    Since painting time is minimal, these can be VERY profitable.
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    Beautiful work!

    Sammamish, WA

    Epilog Legend 24TT 45W, had a sign business for 17 years, now just doing laser work on the side.

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    Did you make your own sandblasting mask? If not, where did you get it?

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    Bill, I use Hartco 425 sandmask. Most sign-supply companies will have it. It comes in a 10 yard roll. If you can't find a supplier, call Hartco & they'll tell you who has it near you.
    Sometimes I cut it on the plotter, but mostly I apply it to the glued-up blank & cut it on the CNC,. I use a 30* .125" V-bit to cut it. Profile cut "on the line" set to .030" depth.

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    Lovely job, TR !
    Best wishes,

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    Thanks Stewie.....

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