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Thread: Looking for Whitehall plans

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    Looking for Whitehall plans

    Many many years ago, early 80's, I lived in CT and joined the Mystic Seaport Museum. I bought the construction drawings for a Whitehall tender which included all the construction details and table of offsets. Now, after 5 or 6 corporate moves, I have the time to contemplate such a project I can't find the plans. I've looked online and at the museum but have not found them. Anyone know where they might be available? I know that boat is still being built around the country so they must be available somewhere.

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    Here are a few options -

    I had my own plans for a Whitehall once upon a time but now the boat and plans are just memories. Good luck.


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    I was in Mystic's site recently and it appeared they had several Whitehall plans available, do you have the designer's name?
    I think Duckworx has a file of plans on their site categorized by length, perhaps worth a gander.

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    John Gardner's book "Building Classic Small Craft Volume 1 has plans and offsets as well as construction details for a 17' and 14' Whitehall and lots of other useful info including the origin of the whitehall.

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    Wow a blast from the past! Many years ago I was blessed to attend a small boat building class at Mystic Sea Port, taught by John Gardner himself. I was young (23) he was patient and very tolerant. Taught me so much in the short 8 week one night a week class. A truly spectacular human.

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