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Thread: Tv on the out..

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    Tv on the out..

    Ok TV people i need help.

    My TV is quickly on its way out.

    To date i have been under the impression Samsung leads the pack and Sony has fallen by the wayside. For a while LG seemed to be coming on strong and maybe still are.

    I went to BestBuy a couple months ago for a non TV related purchase and i checked out TV's, mine was already showing symptoms of dying on me. What i noticed was $800-$1500 seems to get you a nice 55-65" TV with the latest picture technology. They did have a couple $5K tv's with a new picture technology and yes is was like "WOW" but it almost looked fake as if ythey clear coated the screen of the TV with high gloss laquer. Plus im not dropping $5K on a dam TV. That kind expenditure i reserve for woodworking machinery and lumber.

    So do i just go purchase what i like or should i gravitate and stay away from certain brands. Seemed all TV' these days are smart/4K yada yada...

    I never purchase bottom of the barrel anything. I often purchase the best and cry once depending what we are talking about. For instance i just spent a fortune on closed cell spray foam for a master bedroom addition and top of the line Marvin windows for my whole house. I did 100% of the work other than insulate, electricity and plumbing so you get the point im not ruch just thourough. Being a contractor for so long i have come to know quality vrs garbage and the consiquence of being cheap.

    I don't need a closed cell marvin Martin TV but i will not ge buying a low end Anderson either.


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    We bought a Samsung smart TV just 2 years ago and we love it. Other than occassionally the cat perching in front of the ambient light sensor and causing the picture to get dark we've had zero problems.
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    I was right where you are last year. I bought a Samsung year-old model 65" for around $900. It's a Smart TV but I didn't even need that. I WASN"T spending two to three times as much or more for 4K, etc. I read that you would only notice 4K if you were watching very close to the TV. We sit 12' or more away. Very satisfied with the two Samsungs we have.
    Want to add that if you don't require the "latest and greatest" and can find models a couple years old you can save substantially. 2015 TV's were just fine.
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    Another happy new Samsung user - ours is a mere 46" but the best Ultra HD, I could (want to )afford - around $800.00 through Crutchfield.
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    4 Samsung TVs here, have not had any trouble with any of them. The oldest is probably four years old and the newest one is probably a year-old I think Costco has some good prices
    Thanks John
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    I had to replace one 3 years ago and just picked up a 55 Hisense that I figured would get me by till I could get a different one and use the Hisense for a monitor in the shop. It has a better picture than some name brands. When I walked through best buy and Walmart that was the brand that seemed to have the best picture

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    We purchased a small Samsung TV for the kitchen at Christmas time and love it. Great picture.

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    We preferred the Sony to the Samsung. Some of this has to do with how or if you want to use the smart TV features. We are very happy with our purchase.

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    I have owned both Sony and Samsung. The Sony was way back when flat screen technology was brand new. At the time it seemed Sony had the market cornered. Over the years it seems things have swayed in the favor of Samsung.

    My concern with Samsung is this. My now dying TV is a Samsung. The problem i am having is all the sudden the screen just goes black. The only way to get it back is to unplug the tv from power directly from the wall and let it sit 20/40 minutes.

    I figured out this resolution by searching online. It seems this is a common thing with Samsung tv's. People complain of it happening within only a few short months of buying a new tv and also like me after 6-8 years. So i guess no rhyme or reason but clearly specific to Samsung.

    I dont know i guess ill just try another Samsung. As mych as 6-8 years seems like a scam fir a tv its probably about all you can expect anymore?

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    Last fall I got a 65" curved screen (coolness factor was worth it) Samsung 4k from Costco for just over $1100. I got the lesser of three 65" Curved Screen Samsungs, the top of the line was about $3700. I use it smart capability to view 4K Netflix and Amazon content over my WiFi without any buffering. 1080P is so good now it is hard to tell the difference from 4K, but they say a 4K TV will make 1080P content look better. Between the factory warranty and the Costco addon with their Visa card, I have 4 years on the warranty. Only complaint is the remote was do dumbed down, it is hard to use, but my Comcast X1 voice activated remote works nicely.
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    In November 2011 we bought our 70" Sharp Aquos Quattron (<4th yellow pixel), and to this day, if some movie or TV series comes on in HD that I haven't seen on this TV, "WOW" comes out of my mouth. The realism of the picture never ceases to amaze me... Wasn't exactly cheap at $2400, not even sure they make the same TV, but as for Sharp in general, I'm sold


    As for cheaper offerings, last summer the wife picked up a 55" Visio for under $500 for our bedroom, and while the pic is no match for the Sharp, it's a 10 for $500!
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    Have had a Samsung 65" 4k screen for a few years - zero issues, beautiful picture, light weight (compared to the Panasonic Plasma it replaced :-)). Good thing is it upscales everything to 4k, so even streaming YouTube looks good on it. Hardly use the native SmartTV function as I have an Amazon Fire 4k box, and a micro PC that provides all of the online material we watch since cutting the cord a few years back. I would certainly recommend viewing a 4k vs 1080p side by side before making up your mind on 4k. Looks far better to me

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    I'm very pleased with the Samsung 50" in our MBR...noticeably better (and thinner) that the 52" Sharp Aquos (older..2008) in our media room. I'd buy Samsung again in a heartbeat.

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    Thanks for the input guys.

    I myself will never use the smart function but it seems like pretty much all tv's are smart these days.

    Who ever mentioned the yellow pixel thing. I think i remember a sales person a couple months ago when i made that trip to BestBuy telling me something about the $5000 sony having some kind of additional colored pixel that other televisions do not have. It was night and day and i cant say i did not like it but it did almost look fake.

    Not a darn chance im spending $5K on a tv though thats for sure. Crud, a guy is selling a never used MM16 a couple hours from me purchased in 2008 that has never been used. He wants $1200, bet i could take it home for $1000. If i had the cash thats where i would put it.

    I have spent about $3k on shaper tooling in the last ten days for a kitchen im building for a client. Im pretty much broke as a result, i will recup half of the expenditure but still at the moment im feeling it.

    The last thing i want to do is buy a tv right now. On the other hand im not gonna buy something i regret later just to get me back watching the Wheel, Jeopardy and the news. Thats about all i watch so no chance im going for the latest greatest. If it was a MM20 or 24 up the road i might be trying to sell an organ right now.

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    Price goes up a lot with size. I got a 32 inch Samsung smart Tv a couple of years ago, and I want to say it was only $300 or so. I know the larger sizes are very possible, but I honestly don't know why I would need anything larger.

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