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Thread: I need a jointer- Advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Russell Smallwood View Post
    This thread is a little stale, but I thought I'd add my .02

    For me, making furniture, here are my requirements in order of importance:

    1.)Flat/straight beds
    2.)Table LENGTH
    3.)Helical cutter

    I recently needed a new jointer when the 37-190 of 15 years died. I called around and found a PM 60 used for really cheap. I had decided that I needed an 8" jointer in the worst way since thats what everyone said. I went to the store, cash and straight edge in hand and was very disapointed when I found the beds to be warped. This place had several 8" jointers, new and used in stock so I decided to look around.

    I sampled at least 5 jointers, and found EVERY SINGLE bed to need work. Very discouraged to say the least. So I opened up my requirements and finally found a PM54HH (6" powermatic with helical head) that was dead flat. Bought it on the spot. I told the saleman that I wanted this jointer, his reply was, "OK, let me see if I have any in stock", to which I replied, no, I want THIS jointer.

    So, yes, I settled for 6" jointer with a helical head, but I knew it was dead flat.

    Best decision I've made in a while. It's probably the best tool in my workshop that doesn't say Clifton or Lie Neilson and I've never regretted not having the extra 2 inches.

    I guess the bottom line is, make sure you understand what the tool is supposed to do and make your decision based on how well it will perform that particular function. There are a LOT of jointers out there that don't actually do what they are supposed to do, despite the technical specs.

    Just my opinion.

    Alot of us suffer from "Bigger is Better" Syndrome.

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    Maybe take a look at this Powermatic 6":

    Although, I could've sworn you had a couple of jointer (hand) planes from the estate sale...

    I did get a 1930's-era 6" Delta (model 37-220) about 10 years ago.
    It's worked well for milling within its capacity.
    For wider boards, I use a hand plane to remove twist and bow so that I can send them through planer.
    I use hand plane for finished surfaces.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel Green View Post
    I'm looking for that unicorn deal where I find a $1000 dollar jointer for 200 bucks!
    A worthy endevour. I will just re-emphasize that patience is the key. A jointer that doesn't joint well is a boat anchor; close enough is a waste of time.
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