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Thread: Bompe Chest Build – Almost Done

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    Count me as impressed! Nicely done.

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    This is lovely, lovely, stunning work, and your finish brings out the lively wood really well.

    I've been driven a little nuts every time I see the thread title, though. The traditional name for the chests on which your piece is based is "bombe," apparently referring to the rounded shape of bombs in the eighteenth century, when these chests were developed (think of the bombs you see in a lot of cartoons: black sphere with a fuse on it). Your spelling makes me think of burlesque: bompe and grinde. Maybe that's what you had in mind.

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    I always thought it was 'bump and grind'. Saw it first hand at the Roxy in Cleveland circa 1969 as a wee lad.

    But let's get back to Mike's beautiful work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Allen1010 View Post

    Wow! This is a very very nicely done cabinet. Love the finish and the inlay details. Great work Mike! I'd like to see the finished unit with the electronics installed and lit up.

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