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Thread: Mounting Drill Press by its Table

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    Mounting Drill Press by its Table

    I've been using a Delta drill press (floor standing) for 25 years. My most common uses are holes in relatively small pieces or holes in long pieces. For long boards, it's a pain in the ass. I always have to pull it out to get the clearance I need for the long board. The table (shop made) and the DP's base really are not large enough to properly support an 8 foot board, so I have to rig support.

    I'm building a new 15' bench for my compound miter saw. I'd like to have a bench-mounted drill press on the same bench. But bench drill presses, like floor standing models, operate with the head stationary and the table going up and down to meet the job at hand. That pretty much defeats the purpose of having the DP share the bench with the miter saw--the table would seldom be at the height of the bench.

    So I got this idea. What if I get a bench DP, remove its base. and attach its table to the bench? Then I could use the table adjustments to move the head up and down or to tilt it. What do you guys think? Would the collar that connects the table to the post be strong enough to handle the greater weight of the head?

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    I made a stool a few years ago that does double duty in my shop. It works as a normal stool of course, but there is a center section that can be raised and lowered that works as a support for holding up one end of long pieces for my bench mounted drill press, makes a steady support for cross cutting long boards on my TS, supporting long pieces for resawing on my BS.
    It came from plans from "American Woodworker". I don't know if thee plans are still available. Here is what it looks like in the supporting mode.
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    Lee,I like that. Not only practical, but reminds me of Empire State Building dirigible pylon.

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    I kind of doubt that mounting the table would accomplish what you are trying to do.
    All this is assuming that you have lowered the miter saw to the bench level and are using the rest of the bench as wings.
    Mounting the table itself would still have it raised up above the bench and even if you recessed it, you would have to figure out a way to turn the crank to raise/lower the spacing.
    It might be easier to recess the drill mounting base into the bench and then the table would always be above the bench out of the way.
    As for your other question about the collar being strong enough, the collar might be strong enough, but I would worry about the surrounding wood breaking or deflecting under the weight.
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    You need to get you one like mine.Walker-Turner-DP.jpg The table is fixed the head goes up and down and you can drill 30" out from the column.

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    I say where there's a will there's a way. It sounds like a great idea if you are using a small table top drill press. If the head and column end up being too heavy, you might use an old jack to raise and lower, or rig a rack and pinion to crank the head up and down. I had an old lift mechanism from one of those electric recliners that might have worked well for something like that.

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