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Thread: Material and Size for Crosscut Sled on Unisaw? MDF, Birch? 3/4 vs 1/2?

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    Material and Size for Crosscut Sled on Unisaw? MDF, Birch? 3/4 vs 1/2?

    I made a sled for my bosch 4100 jobsite year ago out of 3/4" melamine with plastic runners and a 1.5" oak fence. It was nice but heavy.

    What would be the ideal size for my first sled for my 3hp Unisaw? Making cutting boards, cheese boards etc. My miter saw is a hassle to setup so likely cutting material with crosscut sled more too.

    I'm trying to decide between mdf, birch or melamine. Finding melamine coated MDF would be nice.

    I'd like to add a single t-track on the sled so I'll likely need 3/4" right? Would 3/4" MDF base with 1.5" oak fence be too heavy if it's say 30" wide x 25" inside depth?

    I don't think a 3/8" miter track will fit well in 1/2" mdf.

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    Patrick, I made my full-size sled out of 3/4" melamine covered partial board. The sled has been rock solid and I love the 24" crosscut capacity but it is a tank to lift on & off the table. If I were to remake it I would use 1/2" BB. My runners are surface mounted to the sled bottom so making it out of 3/4 or 1/2 material would not make any difference.
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  3. Any plywood would work. But birch and MDF are heavy. The fence need not be that heavy 1.5" oak, either.
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    I made mine using both Baltic birch and BORG birch.

    I figured the first one wouldn't be my forever sled so I used some leftovers: a piece of -inch BORG birch ply for the base and some -inch BB for the fences. I think I have about 28 inches of capacity so it's a little beastly but not too bad. I put a single Kreg miter on it without problems.
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    I used a quarter sheet of 1/2" maple faced ply from one of the Borgs.
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