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Thread: Found this in Florence Italy - What is it?

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    Found this in Florence Italy - What is it?

    I recently took a trip to Florence with LOML. She was very patient as I photographed every piece of wood carving that I saw. I really loved this door from the Palazzo Pitti and I'm thinking about reproducing a couple of these panels but I can't figure out what kind of wood it is. This is certainly not the walnut that I get around here. Any ideas on what this is?


    BTW, If anyone needs some carving inspiration I took about 75 pictures of different carvings in Florence.

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    I dont know what it is but like you said, its not the walnut i have access to either. I can only imagine how much fun it was getting these photos. Oh,, im not savy to this lingo is LOML.. love of my life?

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    I hiked across Italy and loved Florence. The doors were a favorite of mine as well. I am going to say that looks like mahogany or cedar.

    Did you climb the Duomo? Do you just crave gelato every day now?

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