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Thread: Couple Weeks' Worth of Rust Hunting

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    Either been "Parkerized" or been sitting on a damp self too long...

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    A Stanley auger bit depth stop! Is it necessary? Not really. Does it work much better than just using masking tape?
    The Stanley auger bit depth stop is very handy when working with dowels.

    It can slip if one isn't careful about stopping when the depth is reached. Since for most of my work is with 2" dowels it is easy to regularly check the stop's setting against a dowel or another method of gauging.

    I usually drill away until the gauge starts hitting the shavings and then take another turn or two. If one bears down to hard and continues it can scuff the work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steven c newman View Post
    Either been "Parkerized" or been sitting on a damp self too long...
    Definitely not parkerized. At least, it doesn't look or feel anything like a gun that has been parkerized. Too rough, and it looks and feels like just raw cast iron. I suspect it was just left in a humid place for too long. But whatever the environment, it must have been very stable because the surface is very uniform.

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