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Thread: First major project - a Morris chair

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    First major project - a Morris chair

    Well, my first major project is completed. All QSWO, all mortise and tenon, and all learned on the fly. I followed the New Yankee Workshop plans, and learned a ton and acquired a lot of new tools along the way. Thank you to all that answered my PM's and to all the threads I scoured for information on various techniques and tips. I'm not 100% happy with all my joints, but its square and should hold together for me and hopefully future generations.

    Now, off to finishing with Danish oil with a mild tint. I have asked about 7 guys for their finishing tips and gotten about 7 different procedures, hopefully this thing comes out nice once when the finish is on the cushions are made.

    A matching chair, and a walnut coffee table for in between are next.
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    That is quite an accomplishment for a first big project, well done.

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    Really nice, William. I haven't seen that style of back support. Is that standard or your own invention ? It looks firmer than on my Stickley chair that uses 2" pins.

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    Very well done!

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    So it's a cross brace that fits onto three sets of pegs on the back of the arms. The brace has 9/16 in mortises to fit over 1/2 in square pegs. The plans are from New Yankee Workshop and were generated from measurements taken from an antique in Arizona I believe. Not my idea by any means. Seems to work very nicely. I can't wait to get the cushions made up (my wife's sewing project) so this thing can start seeing some use.

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    nice work. Where did you buy the plans?

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