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Thread: Maple Inventory, next project?

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    Ok, now?
    IMG_2020 (640x480).jpg
    Had to get out a "new" candle, wore the old out. After each groove was ploughed, decided to try something...different.
    IMG_2021 (640x480).jpg
    I ran the 60-1/2 along, to do a slight bevel, on both corners of the groove, Seems to help the raised panel sit in the groove better..
    IMG_2022 (640x480).jpg
    Got four rails done, now the fun part..
    IMG_2023 (640x480).jpg
    Had to make sure the outside part of the jig cleared the bottom of the fence on the Stanley #45, yet still helped to hold the stile in place. Marks from that screw will not be seen. Then a few swipes with the block plane, again. Finally got all 8 parts grooved
    IMG_2025 (640x480).jpg
    Was I done for the day? Nope, decided to try some tenons..
    IMG_2026 (640x480).jpg
    Laid out for a tenon, Mitre saw to cut the shoulder cuts..
    IMG_2027 (640x480).jpg
    Bandsaw to make the cheek cuts.....
    IMG_2028 (640x480).jpg
    Reset the mortise jig....and then called it an afternoon....lunchtime! Might meander back to the shop, later....and chop a few mortises...would like to get at least one end panel glued up
    May have to work on a Monday, otherwise......stay tuned

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    One small bit of advise, I highly recommend getting all your parts of a frame and panel glue up completely finish planed perfectly smooth and at the very least put a few coats of finish on the panel. This helps with seeing unfinished parts expose themselves with seasonal movements of the panel. It also can help keep any glue from bonding to the panel during glue-up, which is detrimental as it will potentially crack from having nowhere to move to. Don't ask how I know these things, I have learned the hard way.

    One last piece of advise... When planing your curly maple I would set your chipbreaker as close to the edge as you can get it to prevent the tear-out.

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    twomiles from the "peak of Ohio
    All my smoother type of planes, have the CB 1 mm back from the edge...always have.

    Mortises have been chopped. Tenons were judged to be too long, shortened by 1/8" seemed to work just fine. End panel is now sitting in the clamps for the night...

    Finish will be two coats of Amber Shellac....then a top coat. Same schedule as the chest of drawers project.

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