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Thread: laserworks upgrade?

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    laserworks upgrade?

    i'm working in laserworks 5.3 (i think) with my 2013 hurricane laser. i'm drawing my engravings in coral draw and cutting from a dxf converter in sketchup, or directly from dxf files. laserworks can be a little buggy and doesn't always allow for a correct importation of files. is there an upgrade here? i thought i had read that i'd need to upgrade the circuit board/controller in my laser at the same time, but cannot remember where i came across this.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You probably would need to get a newer controller to use the newer versions of LaserWorks (RDCAM).

    Before you spend a bunch of money on new hardware you may want to wait a few weeks for LightBurn to be released. Features are being added on a daily basis, it is looking like it will be a great program that will work on many different machines. There are at least two of us here on SMC that are beta testing it.
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    There is so much smoke and mirrors regarding who writes the OEM software for the different controllers. I think they may all be related because the software is so similar and they have similar flaws. For what it is worth, upgrading to a Ruida controller that uses RDWorks (RDcam is a sister program) may not help you because while RDWorks indicates it can import a number of different file types, in reality, only a few actually work consistently well.
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    I'm also a beta tester for LightBurn. It works with most controllers and the coder has been able to make it work with a huge range of hardware. It's much nicer than RDWorks. I really think that may be your solution as Rich has said.
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