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Thread: Finishing QS white oak

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    Finishing QS white oak

    Hi all - Iíve got some 16í quarter saw oak beams to install in a new bedroom and looking for finishing advice. The finish would be decorative only since the beams will be practically never touched. Iíve got very old antique pine floors that I finished with 7 coats of waterlox. So I think I need some color on the oak but not too dark or deep.

    Was thinking of watco danish oil/varnish with a built in stain for color and some long term moisture protection and a bit of the finished look. Not sure if that will show off the grain enough or mute it. Iíve read/seen different approaches using fillers or stain or some kind of combo to make the grain pop - but itís left me confused and wondering if Iím overthinking it.

    Any suggestions?

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    Dave, it's usually best to avoid any finish that has color added...the results can be very unpredictable. Use stain/dye to establish the general color and then top coat to seal and enhance with the product of your choice.

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    Personally, I wouldn't want to fill the grain on ceiling beams. The pore structure will give it some character and keep them from looking "glassy" or "plasticy" after you install them. I love the look of untinted finishes on QS white oak. The Danish Oil will give it a nice oiled natural look, which I prefer, while offering some protection for the wood surface.


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