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Thread: The save

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    The save

    After you all forgave me for saying bad words at the blown bowl, here is the save. It was donated to the local hospice for their yearly auction.
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    Dave looks like a nice save to me. Congrats.

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    I agree, nice save, I'm going to have to go back to the other post and see if I can find the break, can't see it here.

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    Dave, I really like your save. Reminds me of a 3 month long, very heated discussion on another turning sight, involving plagiarism of others work. I did follow it closely, however never chose to get involved. It got so bad that I thought about placing a patent on the hole in bowls, so everyone would be forced to only turn plates. That would put an end to who is stealing who's bowl designs.

    Any who- you did a very nice job, I am sure the winner of the auctioned piece will surely enjoy it.


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    Well done, Dave and even going to a worthy cause, as well! Nice save!
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    Congrats Dave, very nice save. I bet they loved it.

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    Bill, re: the "plagiarism of others work" discussion that you mentioned was silly in my opinion. Considering the number of turners and number of years they have been turning, I can't imagine that there is a shape not yet turned.
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    I wasn't born in the mountains, but I got here as fast as I could!

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    Thats better than a "nice" save, thats a great save. I love it
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  9. Very nice, Dave! Congrats!

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    Nice Piece of Ambrosia maple Dave!
    Looks Great!
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    Outstanding, Dave!!
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    Way to go Dave. Funny how the damage is no longer even involved. Looks like it was meant to be that way.
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    That is beautiful! I have not been a huge fan of spalted wood but this one makes me reconsider.

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    Save my foot! That's just a fantastic bowl!

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    Dave, there was no dought in my mind about you saving that piece!!
    Nice of you to donate it for a good cause! Good looking bowl!!

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