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Thread: Spalted Red Tip Photinia Root

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    Spalted Red Tip Photinia Root

    4 1/2" X 4" finished with Danish Oil and waxed. This one had plenty of natural indents, inclusions and dirt and dirt voids where the root had grown around it and then it came out. The LOML had been wanting a lidded box and this one is a bit different.
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    Nice Box Christopher!
    Beautiful wood, I bet she loves it!
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    Root stock can really be great for interesting pieces! Nice job!
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    That is really pretty Chris. Nice job.


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    Wow Chris, nice job. She loves it I bet.


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    Nice box Chris! That wood speaks loudly!

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    Gorgeous work, Chris.
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    Sweet Chris. I like the color and finish of the wood. Nice job.

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    Very nice work.

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    Christopher...My first glimps of redtip root. Looks great. I have a bunch of +30 year old redtip all around my house.....Guess it's about time for one to come down.

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    Great job Chris and some lovely wood.

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    It is probably a good thing I don't know what redtip looks like cause if I have some in my yard it might make my life hard for a while(LOML likes her flowers just where they are.) Looks really good Chris.

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