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Thread: Miter Saw stand project finally completed

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    Miter Saw stand project finally completed

    My wife and I have finally completed our compound miter saw stand project for our new shop. We have been putting this project off for a while...but torrential rain here in Maine.... made it a fete a complete.

    It is our first project using 100% Kreg Pocket Joinery. We also decided to try out using MDF and Melamine with the exception of the hardwood face frames.

    We are pleased to announce that the new Oneida Pro 2000 system worked like a charm coupled with our 45 degree back-drop hood that we designed and experimented with for a few weeks...... before putting in the final screws.

    We installed the Kreg Precision Measuring System and are pleased to report that it is extremely accurate and works flawlessly. Both it and the Master Joinery Kit are amazing tools to work with and I recommend them with out hesitation.

    We hope that this will help any other "Creekers" who might be interested in a similar project.

    For those of you who are despairing by the lack of sawdust in the photos.......please rest assured that the miter saw (and the rest of the shop ..for that matter) has seen a hard days work and was ONLY cleaned up for it's first "photo shoot."

    Regards, Rick Cabot
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    Another picture
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    That looks sharp Rick! I like it. And what a nice shop you have! I would certainly enjoy having access to that widebelt sander. It's of the design I plan to have in the next few years.

    What did you do for the drop for DC? I own the same DC and am curious. It looks like a 6" drop, 6 x5 x 4 wye, 5" gate, and 4" flex to the MS?

    Excellent setup.


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    dust collection

    Hi are right on the money with regard to the miter saw dust collection. That's exactly what is pictured. We are pleased with our Oneida system.....what a job installing it...because the majority of our dust work runs in an accessible crawl space above the shop. that it's in and running...we love it.

    The Bridgewood Wide Belt Sander has also been a great addition for us. The written manuel is terrible but the machine runs well. Thank goodness the customer support is good.

    Regards, Rick.

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    great looking installation and very nice shop.. have you done a little shop tour for the creekers here?


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    Hi Lou
    Thanks for the kind words. Please see the link below for more detailed pictures of our new shop. It is still a work in progress.
    Regards, Rick

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    Outstanding looking workstation, Rick...and a great shop, too.
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    Great Job Rick! - really like your dust collection solution.


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    nice shop, and way too clean, your dust collection must work real well.
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    Thank you for the saw dust disclaimer. My first reaction was 'Their shop is cleaner than my house!' ;-) I feel much better knowing you cleaned up for pics. The SCMS stand is great as is the rest of the shop based on the pics. Way to go.

    P.s. It may be 80 degrees and sunny in California in November but I'll bet your view outside is much more green than the desert basin I live in. Endure the rain and enjoy the view.
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    Other than your shop

    being too clean & purty you did a great job Rick! Nice setup.
    Ron In Clanton, Alabama

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    How effective is the dust collection?

    Not to be a wet blanket, but it looks like it might not enclose the saw enough to prevent a lot of dust from escaping.


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    Looks great, Rick! I need to build one of those, but I don't have the room. You have a very spacious shop! I like it!
    Martin, Granbury, TX
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    Your shop is awesome,

    Excellent job on the miter saw station. I may borrow your design when building mine. Does the LOYL help you in the shop? I am currently building a shop and the LOML can't wait to start building stuff.

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    Awesome shop Rick.
    I need to build a miter stand also. As i'm setting up a new shop. Also interested in getting a closer photo of that clamp rack you got there and are there any plans available for that.

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