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Thread: Wiggle wood, bending plywood

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    Wiggle wood, bending plywood

    I need to bend and veneer a 6" x 14" piece of 1/4" plywood. In two places, I need to bend a 1.5" radius. Imagine an old radio cabinet....

    Are there any commercially available products that will work? This is pretty tight. I've done a bunch of mock-ups via vac bag with some ply with the faces sanded off, so I'm almost there.......
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    Yes, there is bending plywood available from the "good suppliers". You need to make sure that the "grain direction" is pointed in the right way for the bend you will be making. Two or more layers of that stuff should bend far easier than one thickness especially on tight radiuses...use the right kind of glue, too. Since you have a vac bag, "clamping" should be a piece of cake for something of this size and nature...but I'm speculating!
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