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Thread: Ichthammol ointment

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    Ichthammol ointment

    You creekers have been so helpful to me. I thought this is something all woodworker's can use. Someone at work said they use this on splinters. I thought no way is an ointment going to remove wood splinters, you have to dig those babies out! But I tried it on a tough tiny splinter that went straight down in the skin and it worked!

    You apply a small dab and cover with a bandaid for a day or so. It either comes out on its own, or a gentle squeze will pop it out! The stuff is cheap at Walgreens. I had to ask the pharmacist for it, since they sell so little of it and its cheap so they do not stock on the floor. I have also read that castor oil works the same way.

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    I haven't seen that stuff in years!

    When I was a kid, Ichthammol ointment was my mother's favorite remedy. any splinter, scrape, pimple, boil, or whatever god slathered with the stuff. It was known as a 'drawing salve,' since its intended use was for 'drawing' any foreign matter to the surface. I never though it did much good, but maybe...

    Not a pleasant odor, and whatever the black basis is (asphaltum?) stains any clothing - or wood - that it touches.

    Maybe I'll buy a tube - just for old time's sake...

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    My mother was constantly slathering that stuff on me. Looks like tar but it seemed to work.
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    Being from a long line of hillbillies, I saw a lot of different home remedies. To draw something ....say a boil....They'd tape a piece of bacon on overnight....don't remember if it worked as intended but the dog sure loved you the next day!

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    It works. If you see it in you local store, pick up a tube.

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    In these parts, you can find it under the name "Prid", it is what is called a "drawing salve". It will draw splinters out, it works as advertised. Here is a link with more information:

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    Hey Leo,

    Is this the stuff that used to come in a red colored tin (maybe with some sort of white stripes) that was sold some 40 years ago? Looks like axle grease and everyones med cabinet had one? We were trying to remember the name of this stuff at work the other day. Everyone remembers the tin but not the name. I can remember it came out for everthing from bug bites to blisters, cuts, etc.
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    Yep! That's the stuff used at my home when I was a kid (#%$# years ago). Have not heard of it in years. Thanks for the reminder.

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    Never heard of some of the product names mentioned so far, but I've used a product that sounds very similar called Boil Ease. Drawing salve, and also contains camphor oil.

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    Alternative -- Super Glue

    Have not had the occasion to try this but supposedly it works. Dab some super glue on the area of the splinter; let dry and peel off and the splinter comes off -- supposedly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Bittner View Post
    Have not had the occasion to try this but supposedly it works. Dab some super glue on the area of the splinter; let dry and peel off and the splinter comes off -- supposedly.
    hmmmm.. it seems that super glue has to wear off it sticks so well to skin.

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    I am now 75 and my mother put "drawing salve" on any splinter that we got. We spent summer at the New Jersey shore where we carried away the board walks in our feet ! It works on the small guys very well. THe big ones still should be dug out and then the Drawing salve put on with a band aid to get out the little pieces. Keep it handy. Jack Wagner

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    Drawing salve, AKA "Black Ointment" (because of it's high pine tar content) will suck a splinter out in no time. Some formulations are stronger than others. I have always used "Dr Christopher's Black Ointment" ( ) because it is the most potent one I could find. Get it on the web or at a local "health food" store. The "good stuff" is really black and gooey and stinks. Some drawing salves are lighter in color, creamier, smell better and don't work nearly as well. Most also include comfrey, chickweed, mullein and/or other 'healing" herbs.


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    Ichthammol Salve

    Haven't heard of this one - may never have made it all the way up here to Maine . What I do recall, though, is that at least once a year when I was a kid, many years ago, I would manage to step on a nail - right through my sneaker and sometimes right through the top of the foot. Always got a tetanus shot, soaked in Epsom Salts, and used what I seem to recall was Urgate Salve, another drawing salve (and it even smelled good!). Haven't seen or heard of it since.

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