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Thread: cherry vase

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    cherry vase

    This cherry vase is 6 wide and 7'' tall . Antique oil finish. Gotta love cherry wood. Comments welcome.

    865 miles southeast of Steve Schlumpf.

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    wow..i like that one,Mike and yes, gotta love cherry
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    Mike that is beautiful. Love the cherry.

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    Mike, I like this piece, although I would like it better if the curve from the shoulder to your chosen base diameter was more consistent. In the current form, the side of the piece tends close to "flat" and then makes a bee-line for the base with a quick turn. It makes the piece feel heavier and a little less graceful. Oh, the particular cherry you chose for this is wonderful!
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    Mike, I love this form. Very delicate and elegant. Gorgeous wood too!
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    Mike - great photos! Really like the form and the size of the foot vs size of opening. Beautiful wood and love the soft finish. Very nice work!

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    very nice vase Mike I like the cherry too.

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    Interesting design, good finish, and well done!

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    I love your finish. I see you used antique oil to finish it, but what is your process. How many coats? Sand in between coats? Is it necessary to buff?
    Thanks for any help in advance

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    I like everything about it!
    A few hours south of Steve Schlumpf

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