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Thread: Reliant Part availability/source

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    Reliant Part availability/source

    I have an opportunity to pick up a Reliant BS at a reasonable price. This was a now defunct Trendlines/Woodworkers Warehouse house brand. Is there a source for parts or parts compatability? Thanks....Geo

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    Many, if not most, of the Reliant brand machines were made by the same OEM factories that other "house brands" and even some name brands have used. The first place I'd check for parts is Grizzly since they carry so much stuff...

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    What parts do you anticipate needing?

    I have a the Reliant DD90 with a 6" riser kit installed. It uses standard 105" blades which are readily available, or 93" blades without the riser.

    The wheels are 14" which I suppose means new tires shouldn't be a problem, if needed.

    I upgraded the motor on mine to a 1-1/2hp from the standard 1hp, it was an easy to find 56 frame 1725 rpm motor. I have also been able to add an aftermarket fence and a crank type tensioner that both bolted right up with no modification required.

    I can't think of any other parts that you might need that would be difficult to find.

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    Thanks for the reply. You're probably right in that parts need may be minimal or non-existant for a bandsaw. However, not having a source for the unusual breakdown, e.g. a cracked wheel is a concern.

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    Bandsaws are easy to find replacement parts for as long as it is a common size. The only real problem might be that the replacement part might have a different name on it. Has replacement parts for older and hard to find parts.

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    Sorry to bump a old thread but it is the topic i am looking for and maybe help others?

    I just got a Reliant DD90 14" BS. The lower blade guard is broken, like metal missing broken. The problem is the bolt holes for some reason are toward the outside of the BS and not the inside like Grizzly and others. Anybody seen this and/or know of another BS that i could order parts for that would fit this???

    Oh and what riser works the best with little to no mod needed? I see grillzy has one for the cheapest price ($59) but do not know how muc Mod it would need?


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    It would be quite easy to fabricate a metal tab or repair a crack in one of these guards since they are made of mild steel. Anyone with some metal fabrication experience and tools could make a replacement tab and weld or braze it to your existing blade guard or even fix a crack in a similar manner. Of course, you would need to repaint it afterwards. If you can't find anyone, an auto body repair shop should be able to help.


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    Well in my case the metal is broken off and i don;t have the peice that broke or i epoxy/weld it back up. So repair is not a option, only replacment.

    I see Carter has replacment but they want $200+ for it but the BS is not worth that much.

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