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Thread: Tips for removing poop stains from concrete?

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    Tips for removing poop stains from concrete?

    Our lab was sick Tuesday night and spent the night in the, garage. Needless to say, when I opened the door Wednesday morning I was greeted with enough poop for three dogs.
    After pulling on some rubber gloves and cleaning up the mess, I scrubbed the stains with Windex, which didn’t help. Today, I tried mopping with hot water and Spic & Span – I have a clean floor but I still have the dark stains.

    Any Ideas/tips for removing them?

    BTW, the Zoe is doing fine now.

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    Try kitty litter. Works on drawing oil out of concrete. Then maybe bleach. If that doesn't work, I've etched concrete pools with muriatic acid to get paint to adhere. You might have to play with the concentration for stains. Try a pool store.

    My problem this evening is that my 7 year old just saw my yellow lab eat a baby rabbit. Oh the trauma.
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    High pressure washer...and thank goodness the Zoe is all better. Two labs = Been there done that. YUCK!
    Glenn Clabo

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    Not sure how much this will help but I was just happening to read an article today regarding removing stains from concrete. I hope I can put the link up here. If not PM me and I will send you the article.

    Good Luck and glad that Zoe is better

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    You might try oxygen bleach such as Oxiclean. You'll need to make a fairly thick paste with hot water to make it work. Put it on, scrub with brush, wait 15 minutes, scrub with brush again, and finally clean up remaining bleach and water.

    Oxiclean and other oxygen bleaches are often used to remove poop stains from diapers.

    Concrete is porous so the stain may never come out or may require multiple passes. I believe oxygen bleach will only work for organic type stains and not oil and the like.

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    Yup, Oxiclean should do the trick if anything will.
    David B

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    Windex is your absolute worst enemy in such a situation.

    The waxes in the stuff will effect a barrier sealing in the ugly colors.

    However, concrete is highly reactive so you can probably get something past it easily enough. I'd take some bleach to it and a scrub brush. You will have to neutralize the caustic in the bleach with some vinegar and then neutralize that with some baking soda and then use a lot of water to rinse it all away.

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    Spread the poop around until you get a nice even color. Instant free concrete stain!

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    A couple years ago I knocked over a can of purple PVC pipe primer on the sidewalk. After sopping up what I could, I used full strength CLOROX. I just poured it from the jug onto the spill. I left it alone for a few minutes, and then used a stiff brush to work the bleach into the concrete. In a couple minutes, the stain was none existent. I rinsed it down, and you would never know it happened. Don't forget the rubber gloves.
    Best Regards, Ken

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    try this works for me

    Get a piece of concrete block, and rub the block in circular motion.
    May have to sprinkle in a some portand cement powder also.

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    I have use something called Zerotol to remove stains. it is basically (no pun intended) hydrogen dioxide. something similar to hydrogen peroxide. It is an oxidizer and it works well on stains and "stuff"

    it is a bacteriacide, fungicide, and stain remover.

    If you can find it, you will love it. I use it out in the greenhouses for disease and fungal control but also for sterilization.

    if you got poop stains, you won't after using this stuff. It is also pretty much natural stuff. very safe.

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    I cleaned it up the best I could using several different cleaning agents and a few solvents. I never did get it to disappear but after 6 months, I don’t even see it any more and six months from now I won’t even remember…

    CRS has its advantages.

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    This may be your opportunity to convince SWMBO to let you put a nice epoxy paint coat on the shop... er garage floor.

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    How timely

    Your post is very timely, last night when I came home I was greeted in my garage(shop is a stretch) by about a dozen spots where my dog had left me some runny poop piles. Amazing how much poop can come out of a German Shepherd. My clean up routine for this is to fill a bucket with hot water, put a liberal amount of ammonia in, and start the clean up with paper towels. I get to do this about three times a year. Once everything dries I get any noticable spots

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    Invite Billy Mays to your house. That guy can clean anything.

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