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Thread: Happy Birthday Jackie Outten

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    Happy Birthday Jackie Outten

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Jackie Outten! Thanks for all you do.
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    Happy Birthday Jackie!

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    Happy Birthday Jackie.

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    Happy Birthday Jackie! May this be the best year yet!

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    Please don’t let that happen!
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    Happy Birthday!


    Have an awesome day! Eat cake and smile!


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    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    Happy Birthday Jackie.
    Dave Anderson
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    Chester, NH

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    Happy Birthday Jackie!!!
    Glenn Clabo

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    Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. Keith and I are going out to dinner with Kathy, Jessica and Aaron to celebrate tonight. They even sent me flowers to the high school where I teach.


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    Way Cool! Be sure to order the Lobster. And hope you had a wonderful day!! Jim.
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