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    New Engravers Hardware and Software Forum

    Because of the volume of hardware and software discussions I have created a new forum for these topics. Our original Engravers Forum will be the place for discussions about engraving techniques and other non-hardware or software related problems. We will be moving a large number of existing threads to the new forum over the next few weeks so please be patient with us as we try our best to associate older threads with the proper forum area.

    I hope this will make it easier to participate and more organized for everyone.

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    OK, I am new to this site. From Klawock, Alaska, shop teacher, 41 years. Wood is my specialty AND I have a question for all you laser folks. Tortec, Epilog or universal, format 24 x 18, 60 watt, CO2. Will use primarily for wood, but want flexibility. Which is the best? Which would you folks collective choose and what is a fair price to pay, new? Also, if I were to buy one accessory, what would you suggest? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike Cleary

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    That's easy. Trotec is hands down the best machine. You'll have to negotiate your best deal. I use a portable cutting grid a lot and a rotary device.
    Mike Null

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    CorelDraw X5, X7

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