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Thread: Advice on a sign

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    Advice on a sign

    First, let me say I am not a sign maker.....but I am a woodworker and I have a friend ( my guitar teacher) who is wanting me to help him build a sign for his business. He is researching the sign requirements/guidelines in town where we live. He discussed wanting to figure out a way to backlight a portion(his business name and logo) of the sign. I was wondering if there is a way to have a "wrap" (like the ones you see on vehicles for advertisement) made and applied to something like acrylic. Wondering if that could slide into a groove in the front of the sign and then backlight with lights installed in the lower and upper areas of the sign?

    Tons of questions and ideas, but don't know what might be practical and what might be a disaster waiting to happen.
    Thanks for any input.


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    White Corian countertop material can be used. Paint it with a color, then rout out the sign on that surface. It could also be done on the backside of the material, routed in a mirror image. The light will show through the routed portions.
    A color Corian can also be used with the sign showing up as a lighter color. All kinds of possibilities.
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    That sounds like a typical backlit acrylic face box sign as seen in many strip mall businesses. I have made new faces for them probably hundreds of times, from as small as 12x24” to 4’ x 30’ at a roller skating place. For the cities I have worked in, they require UL approved boxes/electrics and a licensed electrician to install.

    This one I did with black vinyl, lettering cut out so the white acrylic showed thru, then applied yellow translucent viny over the letters. The acrylic is “sign white ”translucent. Clear would have worked but would have made the letters too bright. Most have been with fluorescent tubes, but now LEDs are also used. The wrap type printing also works if printed on clear vinyl and applied to clear acrylic if the ink colors are translucent. This place recently closed up and is now a Harley dealership but my sign lasted about 12 years.


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